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            About Us

              Guangzhou beauty Electronics Co., Ltd. is a collection of scientific research, production, sales, service in one of the Ni-MH / Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries and chargers, development and production of professional manufacturers. Over the years, the company always adhere to rely on scientific and technological progress, development train of thought is committed to technological innovation, adhere to honesty, the company will strive to build a product diversification, market, production standardization, scientific management of modern enterprise.
            Company products are widely used in toys, digital products, cordless phones and portable electric tools and emergency lights and other fields. Products to high-end products with the industry as the leading to product quality assurance, has a good reputation in the industry. Battery products company mainly engaged in the:
            1, D, F large capacity battery -- with high capacity, long life, wide temperature range, good safety characteristics. Especially suitable for electric bicycles, lawnmower, miner's lamp etc..
            2, high temperature batteries -- at 70 ℃ trickle charge has the characteristics of high efficiency, long life, good reliability. Especially suitable for emergency lighting, lamp etc..
            3, low self-discharge battery -- has low self discharge, low failure rate characteristic. Especially suitable for the shaver, the telephone, interphone.
            4, high power battery -- has the characteristics of fast charging, high power, high discharge discharge platform. Particularly suitable for power tools, electric toys, model etc..
            Companies adhering to the "innovative ideas, the pursuit of excellence, rapid improvement, sustainable management" business philosophy; and with "quality is the first", "customer satisfaction is our honor" as our forever quality policy; to care for the environment, social return, Guan Aigu, member of the social responsibility such as the "good faith,; responsibility, innovation, team" as a beauty who is the pursuit and goal, is willing to work with friends together for a better tomorrow!
            A relentless pursuit of high-quality green battery industry leader -- beauty of people!


            Copyright (C) 2010 GUANGZHOU BEAUTY ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD All rights reserved 
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